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Announcements: Fields added to RealWare Batch processes


Fields added to RealWare Batch processes 


TSG has completed loading changes to Land, Improvement, and Personal Property batch processes. Per the list submitted by the user group, you can now update the following in Batch:

1. Sold/Unsold – tblacct.acctot0 (land and imp batch)

2. Site – (land batch)
3. Vacant Land Box – tblacctreal.vacantflag (land batch) 4. PP Condition – tblacctppdetail.ppconditioncode (personal batch) 5. PP Type – tblacctppdetail.ppogtype (personal batch) 6. PP Life - tblacctppdetail.pplifeexpectancy (personal batch) 7. Tax District – tblacct.defaulttaxdistrict (land, imp, personal batch)

Reminder: When updating PP Type you must also update the PP Life to match.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Brenda at


Created at 2/15/2017 11:20 AM  by Brenda Arnold 
Last modified at 2/15/2017 11:29 AM  by Brenda Arnold