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Frequently Asked Questions: County Veteran Qualification Steps


County Veteran Qualification Steps 


The following is an outline of steps the county should use in qualifying a Veteran for the exemption program.  These steps ensure a complete record is established and maintained.
Have the veteran complete the Veterans Exemption Claim Form and verify all necessary information is complete on the form. Has the applicant lived in Wyoming for at least 3 years?
Verify qualifying event from the discharge document, such as a campaign medal or qualifying time period WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War dates.  Remember, you will need to retain a copy of the discharge document on file.
State’s Veteran’s Exemption Database
A query of the database, statewide, should be done before entering a veteran to prevent duplicate veteran records. If the county of residence has changed, it must be corrected.  Once the county has taken ownership of the record and an exemption entered, it cannot be changed until the next tax year.  When entering real property, the VED system will require the CAMA account number.  When entering motor vehicle(s), the VED system will require a vehicle identification number or license plate number.  For motor vehicles, the year, make and model should also be filled out.
For real property exemption claims, complete the necessary fields in RW.  Remember, that real/personal property claims in RW and the Veteran database should be equal.
The overall goal is:
The Assessor has a complete record of all discharge documents claimed by their veterans.  All counties have access to all veteran’s claims around the State via the Veteran’s Exemption database.  The State Veteran’s Database, RealWare and the annual State Treasurer’s report from the county all balance.

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