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Frequently Asked Questions: What is the best way to request an enhancement to RealWare?


What is the best way to request an enhancement to RealWare? 


To ensure uniformity in the CAMA system, all enhancements are managed together for the entire State.   The best way to request an enhancement is to post your comments in the Enhancement Requests area of the CAMA website, not directly to CCI!
Once your enhancement has had time to gather comments, a call for an Assessors vote will be posted.  The trick here is that all enhancement requests will require a majority of the twenty-three county assessors (twelve assessors), or their official proxy, to vote.
The general guidelines are as follows:
A vote requires at least twelve counties to vote to become “official.”
Any Assessor can choose to abstain from the vote.
Any successful vote will require the approval of the majority counties participating in the vote.  At least twelve (12) counties must participate to make the vote official.
Any county that abstains from the balloting is not considered a yes nor is it considered a no vote.
Any Assessor can assign a proxy for voting purposes. This can be someone on their staff or another Assessor if they so chose. The DOR should be notified of the proxy prior to voting. You can send this information to David Chapman, Manager, Technology Services Group at
A vote will only remain active and open for two weeks. At the end of that two week period the vote will be closed regardless of the results. Failure to achieve a majority vote within the two week time frame will result in the work order being cancelled.

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