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> Frequently Asked Questions > How can I add additional RealWare users in my county?  

Frequently Asked Questions: How can I add additional RealWare users in my county?


How can I add additional RealWare users in my county? 


A. There are a couple of items that need to be taken care of to add additional RealWare users.
    a. First, you will need to obtain additional Oracle Licenses for each user.  The Department of Revenue will provide the license if the user is a full-time staff member in the County Assessor’s Office.  If the user is outside of the County Assessor’s Office (e.g. Treasurer’s Office, IT, etc.) the County is responsible for obtaining the additional Oracle license.  Currently those licenses can be purchased from Mythics, an Oracle value added reseller.  The contact at Mythics is Eric Seifert (, 757-493-3016 or 757-374-0856) and the licenses are normally purchased in blocks of 5 licenses.  Should you have any questions about purchasing those additional Oracle licenses please contact David Chapman at or 307-777-5289.
    b. There is no need to purchase any additional RealWare licenses; our license agreement with CCI covers all of the users in the County.
    c. Lastly, you will need to install all necessary software (e.g. RealWare and Oracle Client) and contact CCI’s Customer Support to set-up the additional user/security.
        i. Typically, users outside of the Assessor’s Office will be given a “public user” level of security.  This will give the user read-only access to RealWare & GeoWare.

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