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Frequently Asked Questions: How to determine residency for a veteran?


How to determine residency for a veteran? 


By statute, a veteran must be a resident for a minimum of 3 consecutive years.  If  a veteran leaves the state , establishes residency in another state, then returns to Wyoming, they must again reside for a minimum of three years before qualifying for the exemption.
Determining residency for a veteran that resides in a non-permanent structure is more difficult.  Currently Wyoming does not have a standard statistical definition of residency. It is apparent that not all who may claim the veteran's exemption in Wyoming are residents of the State.   Usual residence is defined as the place where a person lives and sleeps most of the time. This place is not necessarily the same as the person’s voting or legal residence. For the purposes of this program, it must be determined that Wyoming is the principal residence and has occupied the residence for more than six months.
Without a definitive source, such as real property ownership, to help identify residency, other sources may be used.  Some suggested alternative sources of information may include:
Voter’s registration card
Federal Tax Returns
Paycheck stub OR letter of employment verification on company letterhead (signed by a manager of the personnel department)
Driver’s License
Bank account – checking or savings statements
Marriage license or divorce decree issued in Wyoming
License or certificate issued by the State (with issue & expiration dates)
Wyoming utility bill (Gas, telephone, cable)
Wyoming State Aid or Social Welfare
Car registration and/or car insurance (Wyoming company)
Wyoming health insurance
Military discharge papers (DD214) OR Leave and Earnings statement (indicating Wyoming as State of Record)
Wyoming property taxes (veteran or spouses name only)
Union membership in a Wyoming local
Lease Agreements verifying tenancy
RV Park long term rental agreement
Any determination of residency requires the veteran to provide enough supporting documentation (three years) to properly verify where they reside the majority of their time.  If documentation is inadequate, the claim should be denied.

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